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Joy of Life 2011

Arrieregarde - Archi Galentz Searches for 21st Century Aesthetics



Archi Galentz Solo Show



Examples of Exposed Works

Moscow-born (1971) Archi Galentz experienced the "Wall" time and the radical change

of the social order simultaneously with his basic artistic development. Therefore, his

questions always circle around autonomy issues, and the focus of his interest remains

in self-consciousness of post-communist societies.


In 1992, the UdK Berlin invited Archi Galentz to West Berlin as a guest student to

compare art teaching systems. After the regular student registration he first studied

Free Art with main focus on Painting and Printing, and, afterwards, studied Product Design.

Within the scope of design education he came in touch with the photographic craft: from

dealing with studio equipment to different manipulations including digital editing.


Since 2001, Archi Galentz has been using photography as a means of expression in

numerous exhibitions. The „message“ of the medium interests him less than the abolition of

the border with painting by the application of computer. The function of a photographic

image moves from documentation to personal manifestation. Besides, the artist combines

aesthetics of Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Object Art as a process of

examining hierarchies and experimenting with correlations.


InteriorDAsein Berlin is a studio and showroom of Archi Galentz and is, as an

Artist-Run-Space, a member of the Colony Wedding Berlin. Since 2008, InteriorDAsein

has showed a series of solo and group exhibitions related to the Caucasus and Eastern Europe.

"Joy of Life“ is artist‘s first solo show in InteriorDAsein where the most important photo series are

brought together as a stock-taking ("Wall Cut-outs, Moscow" 2003; "OGONJOK", 2004;

"Red November", 2005; "Preserving Traces" 2008-2009; "Ghost Hunting", 2009-2010";

"Joy of Life", 2005-2007; "Sex Appeal", 2011; and others).

See also a related exposition on "Strictly Berlin" festival in 2008: HERE