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Arrieregarde - Archi Galentz Searches for 21st Century Aesthetics

"Dejavu or Out-of-Scope Meetings"

Exhibition and a seven-day struggle against cold from January 22 to 28 of 2007 in the project space of the Fine Arts Department of the Open University, Yerevan - summary exposition after lectures and a seminar "Structure and economy in the Body of Contemporary Art. Berlin as a New Art Metropolis, Official Institutions Versus Artists' Initiative" during the winter semester 2006-2007 at the Yerevan State Art Academy and Open University.

A DAAD granted project of Archi Galentz.
The financing of the exposition was ensured by all the participants equally. An ammount of 80-100$ was spent in accordance to a detailed budjet.

Photos of the exposition and "warm-ups": HERE


Some comments in the Armenian press: